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Rotary A-Z


-  A QUIZ  -




Attendance at all regularly scheduled club meetings is a requirement for all active club members.  Explain how it is possible to maintain a 100% attendance record and yet, from time to time, miss our Friday meeting.




Bet you can't tell us who Jonathan B. Majiyagbe is and why he should be known by all Rotarians?




Classifications are an interesting feature of club membership.  As a general rule, why does Rotary limit membership in a club to but five persons, or 10% ofthe Club's membership from each classification?




Districts are geographical and territorial limits into which a group of Rotary clubs are assigned for administration purposes.  To what district is our club assigned?  Detail an interesting fact about our district.




Emblems are important and distinctive marks.  What is the official emblem of Rotary?




Four-Way Test of the things we think, say,and/or do can be applied profitably in relations with others. Name the first and the second tests.




Governor Clark  visits all clubs.  What is Tom's home city, when did he visit, and why did he visit us?




H-H-H is now a very meaningful program emphasis of the Rotary Foundation.  What do the 3 H's stand for and what is the program's general overall purpose?





International Service is one of four avenues of service within Rotary.  What are the other three (3)?




Journeys to International Conventions are excellent to increase Rotary awareness.  The 2003 convention was held in Brisbane, Australia.  Name the scheduled site for the following year.




Kinds of Rotary memberships may vary.  Name any kind of membership that is not represented currently among our membership roster?




Legends concerning Sand Springs Rotary Past District Governors are growing more commonplace.  Who are the Past District Governors from Sand Springs Rotary?




Members of Rotary, in good standing, regularly receive a publication from Rotary International.  What's the name of that publication and how often is it published?




New Rotary clubs are organizing at the rate of over three new clubs per day.  What is the approximate total number of individual Rotary clubs making up the Rotary world today?




Object of Rotary is a rather detailed and widely published paragraph.  What is a general one word summary of those ideals?




Paul Harris Fellows are a rather distinguished group of individuals.  What is a Paul Harris Fellow?




Questions and timely information concerning Rotary are often shared and discussed during a somewhat informal setting in various Rotarians' homes from time to time.  What have these evening sessions commonly been called?






Rotary Foundation and its various programs enable Rotary to influence significantly those individuals toward whom a particular program is directed.  Briefly explain the details of a Rotary Foundation program.




Service to others is reflected in almost any key Rotary project.  Service is also a term used in many Rotary mottoes.  Please quote either a Rotary motto or this year's International presidential theme.




Terminating the club membership of an active member sometimes becomes the responsibility of a club's Board of Directors.  What are some of the acceptable reasons for terminating a club member's membership?




Unsung heroes of almost any organization often are the Past Presidents.  How many current members of our club have served us as President?




Vocational Service is regarded by many Rotarians as an avenue of service closely related, in at least their emphasis of focus, to two other avenues.  Name these two other avenues and explain the similarity of their emphasis.




Winnipeg, Canada, is a significant location in Rotary history.  Why?




X-Ray type insight seems to be characteristic of Rotary.  This is excellently reflected in the program concept of Group Study Exchange.  Briefly explain how Group Study Exchange works.

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