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On the evening of January 19,1925, a group of Sand Springs men met in the basement of the Community Presbyterian Church, 4th and Main, to plan the organization of a Rotary Club in Sand Springs.  The growing Tulsa Club, acting in the capacity of "big brother", sent several of its men to the thriving industrial community of Sand Springs to assist in the organization.  Ed Monsell, Bob Gibbs, and Charles Hubbard were appointed a committee to recommend a constitution and by-laws.  O. L. Stewart became the first president and Charles Parker the first secretary.  Ed Monsell was chosen vice-president and Nat White treasurer.  Charles Hubbard, Frank Lannon, and Ed Craig were the first directors.


The following twenty men were charter members:  Cliff Bobbitt, Joe Burke, Ed Craig, Ely Everett, Burt Frye, Bob Gibbs, W. B. (Dad) Hixson, Len Hohl, Jake Hollyman, Charles Hubbard, Frank Lannon, Jr., Ed Monsell, Charles Parker, Frank Pauly, O. L. Stewart, Sam (Doc) Strader, Burt Sutton, Ray Trimble, Sr., Nat White, and George B. Wilson, all prominent business and professional leaders in the Sand Springs area.  From the beginning, weekly luncheons have been held Friday noon, first at the Community Presbyterian Church, then Ward's Cafeteria, later at Four Coin Restaurant and recently at the Plaza Community Center with lunch catered.


Promptly after organizing, the Sand Springs Rotary Club elected operating committees and searched for methods of promoting the object of Rotary in the Sand Springs area.  Working within the four service areas of Rotary, club service became the first active area with the newly formed club.  Later, in August of 1929, the student loan and scholarship fund came into being with the grand sum of $500.00, which in those days was a significant amount.  The student loan fund was a significant contributor to the education of a number of needy Sand Springs area boys and girls over the years until student loans became readily available through other programs.  The student loan fund was also used to finance the acquisition of livestock for 4-H and FFA boys and girls for those programs of self-development.  In 2002-2003, the Sand Springs Rotary Club provided four (4) Scholarships for those they deemed worthy recipients from Charles Page High School.  Those students each received $1,000.00 toward their college or vocational higher education.


Rotary membership in Sand Springs continued to grow and by 1930 there were 45 members in various Rotary classifications.  Club service was promoted through interesting and educational assembly and fireside chats provided by the older members for newcomers.  Vocational service was encouraged through the presentation of short plays and committee operation.  Club membership continued to grow until the depression of the early '30;s.


Economic and personal problems created by the depression reduced the membership of the Sand Springs Rotary Club through loss of classification and job resignation.  Those Rotarians remaining during this period devoted their attention almost entirely to the problems of the community and doing community service.  The Sand Springs Welfare Association, now Sand Springs Community Services, had been started by the Sand Springs Woman's Club in 1929 to provide for needy persons in the area and Sand Springs Rotary joined in providing help for them in their efforts.  During the administration of local Rotary President Clarence McKay, 1932-33, some 400 pairs of shoes were donated to the Sand Springs Welfare Association for distribution to the needy.  Those shoes were purchased with $300.00 which was contributed by Rotarians, along with money from the general fund of the Rotary Club.  Through the difficult years of the '30;s, Sand Springs Rotary continued to work through the Sand Springs Welfare Association to provide for the needs of citizens in the community with contributions for food baskets.  At Christmas time for a number of years, Rotarians brought wrapped gifts to meetings to be distributed by the Association to needy children during the holiday season.  During the Rotary presidency of Erwin D. Phillips, 1971-72, a Christmas bean luncheon was held with food prepared by the Welfare Association employees and volunteers.  All the funds were donated to the Christmas food basket and gift program of the Sand Springs Community Services.  The Christmas "Bean Party" continues to this day and last year more than $6,388.00 was raised.  Other community service projects provided through Sand Springs Rotary include a Fundraiser for the Salvation Army in November, which nets about $2,000, a canned food and toy drive that brings in over 800 pounds of food and 70 toys  for the Sand Springs Community Services, buying Christmas Gifts for needy families at the Sand Springs Home Family Villas, providing scholarships for students for the Salvation Army summer athletic program, conducting "Be Wise Immunize" vaccinations, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, contributions to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts, Rotary Youth Leadership Academy, Life Line, Operation Aware, Limestone School reading program, Tulsa Boys Home, Senior Celebration, Relay for Life, Sertoma Club Fireworks Display, Salvation Army Disaster Unit, raising $6,600 for warmup suits for Sand Springs Special Olympians, collecting money for blankets for Afghanistan, and initiating a mentoring program at Central Elementary School.  Other fundraisers include an annual Golf Tournament, an annual Chili Cookoff, and an annual 5-K Run which help provide the funds for the many community service projects that Rotary in Sand Springs supports.


Through student loans and scholarships and special efforts such as the donation to the Boy Scouts of America of six canoes with full equipment and towing trailer during the administrations in 1976-77, 1985-86 and 1994-95, and Mountain Bikes in 1996-97, work with youth in the Sand Springs area has been highlighted, as it has been during the entire 75 years of Rotary in Sand Springs.  For many years, Superintendent of Sand Springs Schools, Clyde (Pop) Boyd, brought outstanding students each week as his guests to the Rotary meetings and until 1975, the new teachers in the Sand Springs Public School system were guests at a luncheon in order that Rotarians and the educators might become better acquainted.  From the inception of the club in 1925, the work of the Crippled Children's Committee was an outstanding community service.  Children with severe problems were provided with treatment in the Oklahoma City Hospital or in Doctor Sisler's Hospital in Tulsa, where the treatment of crippled children was a specialty.  Many Sand Springs area children had their lives beneficially changed through the correction of club feet and other deformities.  Working with International Service became a growing concern of the Sand Springs Rotary Club and in 1947 Sand Springs Rotary Club commenced a continuing effort with its contributions and work with Rotary Foundation, and later with the Health, Hunger and Humanity Program of Rotary International.  Sand Springs Rotary Club is now honored to have among its members, spouses, and other relatives many Paul Harris Fellows.  Each year the list continues to grow.  Our club initiated a program in 1977-78, of contributing through club and individual members, the $1,000.00 or more each year necessary to the Rotary Foundation to provide a Paul Harris Fellowship for a local member.  Our club has 71 Paul Harris Fellows. 


Sand Springs Rotary has, over the past several years, hosted visiting groups of young adults from other areas of the world through the Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange.  These groups have come from Denmark, India, England, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, France and Finland.  Sand Springs Rotary Club has also participated in the American Field Service Foreign Student Exchange hosting students from other countries attending Charles Page High School.  Sand Springs Rotarian, the late Mike Pedrick, past local Club President and past Rotary District Governor, had served on a number of Rotary International Committees and was a former director of the Rotary International Foundation.  Sand Springs Rotarian George Paden is also a past Club President and a past Rotary District Governor.  Sand Springs Rotary Club is honored by the achievements of Mike Pedrick and George Paden and the awards and honors received by them as reflecting upon the Sand Springs Rotary Club.


A more recent activity in International Service by Sand Springs Rotarians was the participation in the Health, Hunger and Humanity Program, instituted by Rotary International in the last few years.  From the inception of this program, which deals with the problems of needy people of the world, the Sand Springs Rotary Club has participated to the fullest extent through contributions and programs of information.  The Health, Hunger and Humanity Program to date has provided medicines and vaccines for millions of children in Costa Rica, the Philippines, the refugee camps of Southeast Asia and many other Third World countries.  Sand Springs Rotary, under the leadership of Harlan Pinkerton, Jr. has contributed a portion of the 500 million Polio Plus dollars raised by Rotarians to eradicate polio from 150 countries of the world.  Rotary has innoculated over two billion children over the world against this dreaded disease.  Health, Hunger and Humanity has been incorporated into the total program of the Rotary Foundation, assuring its continued positive contributions to World understanding and peace.


Sand Springs Rotary continues to grow and to prosper with an active and interested membership and today boasts over 130 members.  In 1987, Sand Springs Rotary opened its doors to women and today its ranks are filled with a good cross-section of men and women of all ages, experiences, backgrounds, and abilities working together toward common goals and projects.  Rotarians are well respected individuals within this community and are known for being able to get a job done.  They continue to touch the lives of old and young alike.  This particular club is known throughout District #6110 for its outstanding fellowship, close camaraderie, and warm welcome of visitors who attend its regular Friday noon luncheon meetings.  Truly, Rotary and its wonderful spirit of service and friendship is alive and well in Sand Springs.


Most of this brief information on Sand Springs Rotary Club and its history of Rotary service, was prepared by Erwin D. Phillips of the Historical Committee of the Sand Springs Club for 2003-2004, the ninety-eighth anniversary of Rotary in the world.








Name                                Classification


C. T. (Cliff) Bobbitt                                Filling Service Station

J. P. (Joe) Burke                                  Automobile Retailing

Edwin A. (Ed) Craig                            Petroleum Producing

E. E. (Ely) Everett                                Newspaper Publishing

Thomas B. (Burt) Frye                        Garage and Service

Robert W. (Bob) Gibbs                       General Law Practice

Walter B. (Dad) Hixson                       Groceries Retailing

Leonard B. (Len) Hohl                         Women's Clothing Retailing

Jonathan C. (Jake) Hollyman               Protestant Church

C. H. (Charles H.) Hubbard                  Fruit Jar Manufacturing

Franklin P. (Frank) Lannon, Jr.             Zinc Smelting

E. M. (Ed) Monsell                                Charitable Homes

F. R. (Frank) Pauly                                Educational Public Schools

Charles B. Parker                                  Building and Loan

O. L. Stewart                                          Banking

Samuel A. (Doc) Strader                      Drugs Retailing

Burt Sutton                                           Hardware Retailing

A. R. (Ray) Trimble                              Dentistry

Nat D. White                                        Household Furniture Retailing

George B. Wilson                                Lumber Retailing




Year                    President                    Classification

1925-26       O. L. (Ollie) Stewart             Banking

1926-27       Fred S. Halm                         Physician

1927-28       E. M. (Ed) Monsell               Charitable Homes

1928-29       J. P. (Joe) Burke                    Automobiles Retail

1929-30       George B. Wilson                  Lumber Retail

1930-31       C. H. (Charles) Hubbard       Fruit Jar Manufacturing

1931-32       Ed S. Wolff                            Electric Power and Light

1932-33       Clarence McKay                    Oil Refining

1933-34       R. N. (Dick) Hoerner             Corrugated Box Manufacturing

1934-35       A. R. (Ray) Trimble,Sr.         Dentistry

1935-36       Harrison Young                     Natural Gas Distributing

1936-37       Charles R. Parker                   Building and Loan

1937-38       Wallace (Wally) Smiley         Lighting Fixtures Manufacturing

1938-39       Gus Weekly                            Metal Smelting and Refining

1939-40       H. B. (Rusty) Dowell              Cotton Mill

1940-41       E. E. (Tom) Mansfield            Electric Light and Power

1941-42       Paul P. Pinkerton                    Charitable Homes

1942-43       Harley Aitkin                          Glass Jar Distributing

1943-44       George Way                            Steel Mill

1944-45       Victor (Vic) Hulett                  Business Promotion

1945-46       T. H. (Ted) Steffens                 Railroad Transportation

1946-47       Harold Aitkin                           Metal Smelting and Refining

1947-48       Clyde (Pop) Boyd                    Education, Administration

1948-49       Phil Smith                                Real Estate Sales

1949-50       Sam Gavril                               Bedding Manufacturing

1950-51       Ura B. Crewson                       Glass Jar Distributing

1951-52       Clarence Lawless                     Instrumental Music

1952-53       C. C. (Clint) Evans                  Postal Service

1953-54       George E. M. Campbell           General Law

1954-55       Harlan S. Pinkerton, Sr.           Casualty Insurance

1955-56       Luther Roberts                         Electric Light and Power

1956-57       Mike Pedrick                           Animal Foods

1957-58       Ray Miltz                                 Stock Yards

1958-59       A. R. (Ray) Trimble, Jr.           Dentistry

1959-60       Bert Sutton                               Education, Attendance

1960-61       Clyde Browers                          Education, Vocational/Agriculture

1961-62       H. C. Jones                               Banking

1962-63       Dennis C. Gilliam                    Lumber Retail

1963-64       Tot Brown                                Life Insurance

1964-65       N. B. Lasater                            Commercial Gas Manufacturing

1965-66       Homer C. (Zenie) Goatcher     Radio Service

1966-67       Dan Brown                              Animal Foods Distributing

1967-68       Ed E. Everett                            Magazine Publication

1968-69       Marshall Perry                         Liquid Gas Retail

1969-70       W. L. (Wink) Burcham           Steel Bar Manufacturing

1970-71       Ed Zickefoose                          Animal Foods

1971-72       Erwin D. Phillips                     Charitable Homes

1972-73       A. Lyle Crowder                      Savings and Loan

1973-74*    James Borren                            Hospital Administration

1974-75       Charles Hill                              Electric Light and Power

1975-76       Bob Ray                                   Metal Smelting and Refining

1976-77       Herb Finnell                             Corrugated Box Manufacturing

1977-78*     Herschell Daney                      Mental Retardation Rehabilitation

1978-79       Wendell Sharpton                    Education, Administration

1979-80*     David A. Stone                         Land Development

1980-81       Robert (Bob) Van House          Methodist Pastor

1981-82*     George Paden                            Education, Secondary Schools

1982-83*    Tom Gilbert                               Casualty Insurance

1983-84       Lee Rand Smith                        Special Education

1984-85d     Dale Morrow                             Building Materials Retail

1985-86       Dick McClure                           Office Supply, Retail

1986-87*    Ed Dubie                                    Corrugated Packing Industry Engineer

1987-88*    Mark Manahan                           Optometry

1988-89       Bill Brown                                 Charitable Home Trustee

1989-90       Glen Richards                            Banking-Administration

1990-91d     Phil Niles                                   Senior Active

1991-92d     Mike Snyder                              Natural Gas Distribution

1992-93*    Tom Cobb                                  Civil Engineering

1993-94       Floyd Davis                               Investments Counseling

1994-95*    Mary Sue Overbey                     Governmental Finance

1995-96*    Larry Clenney                            Telephone Service

1996-97d    David Mick                                 Insurance

1997-98d    Al Dodson, Jr.                             Funeral Director

1998-99*    Kenny Tate                                 Real Estate

1999-00      Cindy Burks                                Loan & Investments

2000-01*    Romme Pate                               Tax Accounting

2001-02*    Joe Stephenson                           Gas Distribution Wholesale

2002-03      Loyd Nixon                                 Investments General

2003-04*    Donna McLain

2004-05*    Harlan S. Pinkerton, Jr.

2005-06*    Jeff Smith

2006-07      David Allen

2007-08*    Clay Langley

2008-09d    David Phillips

2009-10*    Howard Pidcock

2010-11*    Brian Smejkal

2011-12*    Brandon Grell
2012-13*  Alan Copeland
2013-14*  Gary Hargrove
2014-15*  Robert Wood
2015-16*  Cody Worrell
2016-17    Steve Lane

* = Current Members


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